What are the Bylaws of FKOK? Is it a simple association, an organization or a Federation?

Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate is an international non profit Federal organization (French laws of 1901). Bylaws and rules are deposit in the French administration of the sport Ministry in "préfecture de Dreux".

Bylaws are available online (English Pdf).

Does FKOK cover all the World?

Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate is open to all the World.

We already received some European affiliations and some contacts exist with USA, South America, Asia and African Dojos.

What is the politic of FKOK concerning other groups, organization and Federations?

Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate wants to respect Sosai Oyama'will, with a total freedom way of working with other groups. FKOK's Branch-Chiefs will be free inside his own Branch without an only Country Representative upside himself.

Affiliation is it only for countries?

No, FKOK will work with Branch-chiefs. A Branch-Chief can be only a single Dojo operator, he can lead a group pf Dojos or he can be a Country leader.

Can I stay in my actual organization if I want to be an FKOK's Branch-Chief?

Yes! A Branch-Chief can work with FKOK AND with one or many groups.

How is it possible to affiliate my group? How much it will cost us?

Yearly Branch-chief affiliation fees are 50 €.

10 years individual affiliation Kyokushin passportmembership must be paid to FKOK 8 €, and Branch-Chief is free to ask (or not) national fees for this passport. Minimum order is 20 passports.

Lifetime officiating fees are 30 € with official diploma and Id card in a chest pocket plastic holder.

2nd Kyu fees are 10 € with official diploma, but Branch-Chief is free to ask national fees for this rank.

1st Kyu fees are 20  € with official diploma, but Branch-Chief is free to ask national fees for this rank.

Dan fees are 120 € from Shodan to Rokudan, with official diploma, Black belt Id card and embroidered standard black belt.

How to know which organization is legal or not?

There is more than 100 organization who were created since Sosai's death. The serious you can ask from such an organization is to have:

  • clear and available accounts publications every year,

  • agenda and minutes of General Meetings every year,

  • available bylaws and rules with  a true proof of deposit,

  • a true promotion of Kyokushin without any personal profit,

  • cheap fees.

Do you have a special rank and technical program?

Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate wants to keep the original Kyokushin Syllabus from Sosai from 2nd Kyu until 6th Dan without any officiating requirements.

If I am already member of KWF, IFK, IKO Matsui, Midori, Matsushima, Tezuka, Royama, or any other Kyokushin group, can I enter FKOK?

Yes! Without neither questions nor requirements.


With what rules will you organise Championships?

Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate wants to keep usualrules. These rules are available on our website in English.

How do you work concerning officiating diplomas (fees and rank requirements)?

All Judges and Referees diploma are lifetime without any new fees to pay.

There is absolutly no international officiating requirements for rank test. 


What will happen with my actual rank from an other group?

All ranks are recognised if you have an official diploma (with date and number) from a "true" Kyokushin group without any new fees to pay.


How to invite a Shihan for an event?

FKOK will work with official Shihan technical advisors. Every Branch-Chief can invite an official Technical advisor of his own choice, paying only the cost of trip and accomodation. Our technical advisors cannot ask any personnal fees for themselves.